Evolving Themes and Tracks


The program for the 2019 North American Cannabis Summit is organized by the overarching themes of public health, health disparities, and health equity in policy and practice and will focus on legislative, medical, science, and policy implications for the legislation of marijuana in jurisdictons across the continent. View the preliminary agenda.

The conference goals are to:

  1. Create a common understanding of the issues that policymakers, administrators, and other key stakeholders need to consider in response to the growth of the acceptance of cannabis.

  2. Describe lessons learned and best practices needed to address these issues at state, local, and organizational levels.

The 2019 Summit tracks have evolved:

  • Public safety
  • Prevention and education
  • Emerging research and epidemiological data
  • Governance, federal law, and emerging policy
  • Health effects
  • Regulatory issues

Please note that there will be no exhibition hall or vendor space.

The call for proposals is open through September 14, 2018

We are looking for a variety of perspectives across the many entities affected by rapidly changing laws and attitudes about cannabis across North America. If you work in research, policy, public health, public safety, or regulations or have compelling data to share about how the changing cannabis policy has affected your work or the people you serve  then we want to hear from you!

Access 2017 National Cannabis Summit materials here: