We are looking for a variety of perspectives across the many entities affected by rapidly changing laws and attitudes about cannabis across North America. If you work in research, policy, public health, public safety, or regulation—or have compelling data to share about how changing cannabis policy has affected your work or the people you serve—then we want to hear from you!

We’re looking for proposals that will interest and appeal to the expected 2019 Summit attendees. We anticipate participation from state and local policy (local, jurisdictional, tribal, or federal) representatives, as well as research, prevention, treatment, and regulatory professionals charged with the oversight of medical and/or adult-use cannabis markets or programs.

Under the overarching themes of public health, health disparities, and health equity in policy and practice, as well as continuing the focus on the science of cannabis and best practices in governance, the 2019 Summit will offer six tracks with the following suggested topics:

  • Public Safety: Submissions can address cannabis-impaired driving and road safety, impairment detection and enforcement, environmental impact of cultivation, environmental exposure policies, smoke-free regulations, social clubs, public use, and public consumption.
  • Prevention and Education: Submissions can address cannabis-related education campaigns aimed at educating target audiences about the variety of cannabis products and their health and impairment effects, modes of use, potency, secondhand smoke, and dual-, co-, and/or poly-use with other substances (e.g., tobacco); policies and approaches to protect public health; marijuana prevention and treatment approaches; public health messaging; and capacity building for implementing evidence-based prevention practices.
  • Emerging Research and Epidemiological Data: Regarding the impact of recreational and medical marijuana legalization, submissions can address trends in marijuana consumption following legalization for recreational or medical use; effect of legalization on attitudes toward marijuana; the role of taxation in managing the market; monitoring and surveillance; and the impact of legalization on law enforcement, workplaces, universities, public spaces, etc.
  • Governance, Federal Law, and Emerging Policy: Submissions can address policy approaches to legalization; emerging regulatory models; cultivation, production, and processing; sales, consumption, and possession regulations; taxes and financing; and the role of policy in minimizing the health impact of increased access and use.
  • Health Effects: Submissions can address short- and long-term health effects, therapeutic benefits, cannabis use disorder (CUD) screening, intervention, treatment, and clinical practice such as prescription and dosing of cannabis for medical purposes.
  • Regulatory Issues: Submissions can address smoke-free regulations, social clubs/smoking lounges, use and sales at cannabis events, and public use; technology and product testing; potency, product standards, safety, packaging and labeling; and advertising and marketing.

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