Explore the 2019 Summit Program!

We are pleased to announce that the 2019 Summit program is now available online. You can now explore the offerings by day, track, keyword, speaker, or session type to plan your time at the Summit (January 28-30, 2019).

Regardless of the track you pursue, the 2019 Summit offers an excellent opportunity to consider cannabis legislation within the broader context of health equity and social justice. Starting with the keynote session, this pressing topic will be infused throughout the 3 days of the summit.
Session examples include:

Prevalence and Correlates of Cannabis Use Disorder Among Latinos
In 2013, more than one-tenth of Latino primary care patients studied engaged in harmful use of marijuana, which is three times higher than U.S. rates, and poly-substance use was common. What factors were associated with moderate-to-high risk marijuana use among U.S. and foreign-born Latino primary care patients in East Los Angeles prior to legalization? Our study findings answer this question and highlight the importance of routine screening for marijuana use in Federally Qualified Health Centers, point to the potential role of acculturation factors in use, and provide rates that serve as a pre-legalization benchmark.

Access to Economic Opportunities: Lessons from Washington State
Presenters will describe a study that examines the ways legal cannabis markets across the United States anoint certain people as legally able to enter the market, while others remain in illegal markets. Evidence indicates that both state regulations and on-the-ground market moralization practices seem to categorize individuals with wealth derived from non-cannabis market activities as worthier of ownership than those who have been involved in illicit or medical markets. Attendees will receive policy recommendations for addressing economic disparities and social justice issues related to cannabis markets.

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